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We prepare and educate the next generation of strategic leaders – military, civilian, and academic – in Australia, Asia and the Pacific region by providing internationally recognised graduate and undergraduate degrees in strategic and defence studies.


Discover the range of publications by our academic community that demonstrates the commitment to scholarly excellence, and showcases our policy-relevant research expertise and engagement.

Chinese Investments in Southeast Asia: Patterns and Significance
Explore Southeast Asia's complex economic ties with China. Goh and Liu's study offers a comprehensive analysis of Chinese investments from 2005 to 2019, revealing political and strategic implications.
Reliability and Alliance Interdependence Iain Henry
This research explores how America’s alliances in Asia function as an interdependent system.
Alliances, Nuclear Weapons and Escalation Stephan Fruehling
Nuclear weapons remain central to the internal dynamics of US alliances in Europe and the Indo-Pacific. But cooperation related to them has varied significantly between allies and over time.