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Expressions of interest are now open for a Research Fellowship in the Australian Army Research Centre (AARC), with flexibility of part-time or full-time. Fellowships are available to current ANU academic staff and PhD students graduated within the last three years. Fellows must be Australian citizens or hold recognised security clearance.

The Fellowship

The AARC is dedicated to improving the Army's understanding of the profession of arms. Its purpose is to promote the contribution of the land force to joint operations in peace and war.

The AARC conducts applied research on the employment and modernisation of Army with particular reference to Australia's circumstances and interests. It raises the level of professional debate on war and its challenges within the Army, the nation and international audiences. The AARC enhances the professionalism, leadership and ethical awareness of Australian soldiers and officers.

Managed by the ANU, the AARC has limited positions available for resident academic research fellows with a strong, established academic base (relevant to the research priorities outlined below) - referred to as the ANU-AARC Fellowship.

The purpose of the Fellowships is to engage with Army members to understand the strategic environment and conduct research on nominated topics to support Army's operating environment. This fellowship is a unique opportunity to work in a research role in close collaboration with policymakers in the Australian Army and Department of Defence.

AARC research priority areas

The current research areas reflect Army research priorities and are identified as follows:

  1. Advise and Assist: the land force considerations related to advise and assist missions
  2. Mobilisations: the impact on Australia's domestic industry and population
  3. Littoral Manoeuvre: operations and manoeuvres in the Indo-Pacific (including the protection of key trade routes and maritime approaches)
  4. Power & Energy: the identification, development and leveraging of emerging power and energy solutions to gain battlefield advantage
  5. Quantum: the most promising applications of Quantum Technologies in the fields of Quantum Sensing, computing and communications
  6. Autonomy & Counter-autonomy: the challenges, barriers and solutions to scaling Defence’s adoption of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

The proposed research topic will be agreed upon prior to the start of the fellowship.

Acceptance into the fellowship is at the discretion of ANU and AARC. The fellowship is paid at your existing salary package if you are an ANU academic, or level B academic if you are applying as an external Early Career Researcher (ECR).

As part of the fellowship, you will be expected to produce a 15,000-word research paper and other academic publications as appropriate, and participate in Army internal discussions supporting research and policy development in areas relevant to your expertise.

Please submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) consisting of

  • a cover letter including your motivation to apply for this fellowship
  • a one-page statement summarising a proposed research topic in response to one of the Army priorities,
  • your CV, including contact details.

Please send these to

As applications are received on a rolling basis, there is no closing date for the EoI.

If you have any questions, please contact
or Professor Stephan Frühling -

This fellowship program is being managed by the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Coral Bell of Asia Pacific Affairs.

Soldier with robot canine in the bush
Soldier with robot canine in the bush

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