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Why study with us?

The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC) has a rich history that spans over 50 years and provides 'real-world' focused strategic studies courses that are research-based and research-led.

SDSC is uniquely positioned to strike the right balance between theory and practice as our teaching faculty includes renowned academics, shapers of strategic policy and former influential members of the Australian public service and Defence Force.

Why security and defence studies?

If you are interested in issues of strategic importance to Australia, addressing how political ends and military means interact, understanding the origins, applications and implications of war and other forms of organised violence, then choose from our undergraduate and postgraduate programs - Bachelor of International Security Studies, Graduate Certificate of Strategic Studies or Master of Strategic Studies degree.

The programs are designed for students and professionals seeking to launch or advance their careers in national or international security, counterterrorism, strategic policy, intelligence, foreign affairs, think-tanks, and academia.

Academic programs

Through sustained, deep, empirically-based research, and the education and outreach programs developed from it, SDSC aims to educate the next generation of strategic leaders in Australia, Asia and the Pacific and inform debate relating to defence and strategic policy in both official and public spheres.



Bachelor of International Security Studies

Do you see yourself shaping Australia's foreign policy decisions? The Bachelor of International Security Studies will develop your analytical skills, understanding and knowledge of the security challenges facing our world - with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

You will delve into the contemporary security threats facing nations, international organisations and businesses around the world. This includes the threat of military power, civil war, terrorism, cybercrime, environmental degradation and food security. Graduates of this degree will be well prepared for a career in government, international organisations or international businesses facing global security issues.

Master of Strategic Studies

The Master of Strategic Studies combines the expertise of world leading academics and policymakers to deliver Australia’s foremost Masters program at the intersection of strategic, defence, military and international studies.


Graduate Certificate of Strategic Studies

You can also choose to advance your career in international security with one of our short courses. The Graduate Certificate of Strategic Studies is designed for students seeking to launch or advance their careers in national defence, international security, counterterrorism, strategic policy, foreign affairs, intelligence, and more. 

Higher Degree Research

The Higher Degree Research (HDR) program in SDSC consists primarily of independent research on a topic developed in consultation between the candidate and their supervisor, and compulsory coursework in research design and methods. 

The outcome of the HDR program is an original thesis incorporating the research conducted during the program and its results. The thesis must make a substantial contribution to knowledge in the field and relate the research undertaken by the candidate to the broader framework of strategic and defence studies.