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We prepare and educate the next generation of strategic leaders – military, civilian, and academic – in Australia, Asia and the Pacific region by providing internationally recognised graduate and undergraduate degrees in strategic and defence studies.

Our research

The breadth of research expertise, as well as its continuing engagement with issues of strategic relevance is well illustrated by the initiatives managed by our academic community.


Discover the range of publications by our academic community that demonstrates the commitment to scholarly excellence, and showcases our policy-relevant research expertise and engagement.

National Versus Human Security: Australian and Canadian Military Interventions
This book argues that for Australia and Canada, the concept of human security works better in practice than it does in theory.
After American Primacy: Imagining the future of Australia's defence
It focuses on Australia's defense amidst global shifts, addressing US policies, China, Russia, and emerging regional powers, offering strategic scenarios for a transformed Indo-Pacific post-America.
Coalition strategy and the end of the First World War
This project fits within Dr McCrae’s wider work on the way coalitions fight, notions of ‘victory’, and how individuals think about future war during periods of conflict or great international tension.