Since its founding, the primary purpose of the Bell School has been grounded in our scholars' ability to conduct and publish academically rigorous, conceptually innovative, world-leading research, and use that knowledge to educate, train, and engage with multiple stakeholders.


We have demonstrated commitment to high quality, multi-disciplinary, and impactful research. We have maintained a strong record of research partnerships with other universities, government agencies, and international organisations. And we have collaborated and helped build capacity with regional partners and local communities. 

Research and strategic initiatives

Serving Our Country
After decades of silence, Serving Our Country is the first comprehensive history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s participation in the Australian defence forces.
Debating Democratisation in Myanmar book cover
Coming at a critical time, and one of growing interest in this Southeast Asian country among researchers and policy-makers, this book addresses this complex question from various perspectives.
Money, Power and Ideology book cover by Marcus Mietzner
This book provides an unprecedented and fine-grained analysis of the inner working of Indonesian parties, and by comparing them to their equivalents in other new democracies around the world.
Islam and Nation Edward Aspinall
Islam and Nation presents a fascinating study of the genesis, growth and decline of a nationalist movement.
Opposing Suharto Edward Aspinall
Opposing Suharto presents an account of democratization in the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia.