Since its founding, the primary purpose of the Bell School has been grounded in our scholars' ability to conduct and publish academically rigorous, conceptually innovative, world-leading research, and use that knowledge to educate, train, and engage with multiple stakeholders.


We have demonstrated commitment to high quality, multi-disciplinary, and impactful research. We have maintained a strong record of research partnerships with other universities, government agencies, and international organisations. And we have collaborated and helped build capacity with regional partners and local communities. 

Research and strategic initiatives

Chinese Investments in Southeast Asia: Patterns and Significance
Explore Southeast Asia's complex economic ties with China. Goh and Liu's study offers a comprehensive analysis of Chinese investments from 2005 to 2019, revealing political and strategic implications.
Islands of Hope: Pan-Pacific Indigenous Resource Management in a Changing Pacific
In the Pacific, as elsewhere, indigenous communities live with the consequences of environmental mismanagement and over-exploitation but rarely benefit from the short-term economic profits.
Revealing Secrets John Blaxland
Revealing Secrets is a compelling account of Australian Signals intelligence, its efforts at revealing the secrets of other nations, and keeping ours safe.
Sepúlveda on the Spanish Invasion of the Americas: Defending Empire, Debating Las Casas
Translation of the dispute between Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda and Bartolomé de las Casas regarding the justice of Spain's invasion of the Americas, peaking in their famous debate in Valladolid in 1550-51
Hold Your Friends Close Sarah Logan
Drawing on policy documents and elite interviews with policymakers, Dr Logan provides a global overview of counterradicalisation measures and in-depth historical case studies of this in the US and UK.
The Counterinsurgent Imagination A New Intellectual History
This book explains how counter-insurrectionary war eventually took on its late twentieth and early twenty-first century forms.
On Revolution
A cutting-edge appraisal of revolution and its future.
This book surveys the systems of detention camps set up in Asia from the beginning of the 20th century in The Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Malaya, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Timor, Korea and China.